Benevolent Fund

The UNOA Benevolent Fund has been established to subsidize the immediate needs of fallen officer’s families.

Tragically, every year, in the State of Utah, law enforcement officers lose their lives in the line of duty. The survivors of our fallen officers have informed us that the family's immediate financial need is for funds to cover food, travel, lodging and burial expenses. Insurance and pensions are not received until many months after the death of their loved one.

Due to the unforeseen expenses resulting from the untimely loss of a law enforcement loved one, the Utah Narcotic Officer's Association has established a "Benevolent Fund" to help subsidize these expenses. It is our opinion that this immediate financial assistance is the most needed way of helping the family members during the shocking first days following the death of an officer.

The next time you watch television or listen to the radio and learn that a police officer has been killed, this Benevolent Fund will already be in the process of making an immediate contribution to the family.

The 2016 Fallen Officers were:

Douglas Barney, end of watch 1/17/16
Cody Brotherson, end of watch 11/6/16
Eric Ellsworth, end of watch 11/22/16

Their families each received $1500.

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